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3 - WS Strategie

Have spare parts and want to sell or exchange them? Come and see!

Individual saddle fitting according to your height and weight.

Want to change a color of your bike or improve its characteristics?

Our experienced travellers will help you to create a perfect root.

Come and choose the model for rent in just a few minutes. No deposit.

We’ll calculate the expenses needed to improve or repair your bike.

We’ve created the perfect citybike to give you the best experience.

Die WS-3 ( Fahrradwerkstatt Nr. 3) kümmert sich um alles was mit der Bremse, Schaltung, Lenkung usw zu tun hat….

Die WS-2 ( Fahrradwerkstatt Nr. 2) kümmert sich um alles was mit dem Antrieb zu tun hat…

Die WS-1 (Fahrradwerkstatt Nr. 1) kümmert sich um alles was mit dem Laufrädern zu tun hat….